Dan loves Bia Hoi!

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Dan loves Bia Hoi!, originally uploaded by Hillary Hewins.

Bia Hoi is a fresh beer made each day that sells for around twenty
cents per glass. It is delivered to the sidewalk establishments that
sell it in big barrels each morning. It is served by siphoning off
ice cold glasses out of the barrel to the (all male) patrons who drink
it while sitting on plastic childrens stools smoking, eating peanuts,
and generally seeming to be care free/unemployed/slightly surly.

A few breweries in central and north Vietnam make it each day, but it
doesn’t really travel well. It must be consumed on the day after it
is made, as it has no additives or preservatives and isn’t in sealed,
pressurized containers. It is light, crisp, and delicious with medium
carbonation and about 4.5% alcohol.

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